Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Villagers find baby whale along beach

as wrote in The Star, -Thursday October 16, 2008

PEKAN: Kampung Kuala Nenasi residents were surprised to find a baby whale alive measuring more than 10 metres in length and weighing about five metric tonne lying on a beach in the village here on Monday. Believed to be separated from its parent, the mammal was found during low tide at 7am by fisherman Ab Rahim Sulong, 36. Villagers attempted to keep the whale alive by splashing water on it.

Rescue attempts: The villagers trying to revive the baby whale.

Ab Rahim said about 40 villagers tried to push the whale into deeper waters but failed. Shortly before midnight, villagers with the help of a few marine boats pushed the whale to the sea and freed it during high tide. However, on Tuesday morning the whale was found beached about 500m from the spot where it was found on Monday. Despite attempts to cool and push it back into the sea, the whale died.

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