Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Aslam Emailing from Angola

Dear long lost friend Aslam was sending several email to make reservation for his next possible fishing trip in Nenasi. The tricky situation is, he is currently in Angola.
Here are some mementos sent by him during last visit here.

This great young lads landing a half-body fish? Just curios.

Great catch.

Get-together family members joining the trip.

Ah Hock from Yong Peng Trip

Lots of Sotong. Simple.

No need to go to wet market to have this moment.

The catches means Sotong season is Happening Here in Nenasi.

Squid and squid.

Those tattoo-ed and muscled biceps really helps.

Yeah man.

Alex Tan From Singapore Trip! (New Photos and Videos!)

Credit to Alex for taking these nice photos.
Hopefully we shall meet again soon for next Nenasi Angling adventure part 2.

Matt Maggie and Steven pairing up for a perfect morning catch.

Another shot with the same fish.

Did you see that big brother?

No string attached!

Lying defenseless in the hand of Alex Tan and co.

Great footage by Alex.

Steven really have a good--good day.