Monday, December 22, 2008

Tour Guide for Nenasi 2009

This unassuming Malay fishing settlement has grown quite a bit since the 1960s but it is still the same 'kampung' Nenasi. The scattering of wooden shop houses that line the road to the beach still stand but most have satellite TV dishes sticking out at an angle to receive the likes of HBO, ESPN, and other channels.

A school house stands right on the beach front - lucky pupils! At the edge of the village the fishing pier is still standing with colourful boats tied to moorings. The brackish water of the river runs placidly. I wonder if it still offers a bounty of udang galah (freshwater king prawn) like it used to decades ago. The place must have been getting regular visitors these days as, surprisingly, there is a motel here - Motel Nenasi. It is very basic but sufficient to offer a place for the night.

What is there in Nenasi? Again, this is another location that offers peace and quite within the quaint setting of a Malay fishing settlement. Kampung Nenasi is halfway between the royal town of Pekan and Kuala Rompin - about 20 kilometres distance. From Kuantan it is about 91 kilometres.

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Trip 1-2 November 2008

Masa: 1-2 Nov 2008 (Hari Sabtu-Ahad)
Bertolak: 730am hr Sabtu
Tiba: 300pm hr Ahad
Pakej: 2 hari 1 malam
Bilangan ahli: 6 orang
Gambar ehsan dari: Zainal Abidin & Mohd Radzi

Ni dia penangan hero pancing..

Alamak., kecik je aku dpt..?

Yang ni lagi besar beb..

Dah siap potong 6 tuh.. Hehe.

Banyak nye kerisi..

Ni kalau bakar sedap gak ni..

Tak sia2 bermalam di laut kalau dpt mcm ni..

Group mancing handalan Volvo Anglers Team -VAT